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Understanding C. auris transmission with the healthcare environment

Researchers have now shown that patients who are heavily colonized with Candida auris on their skin can shed the fungus and contaminate their surroundings. This finding provides an explanation for the extensive contamination that often occurs in healthcare facilities with C. auris outbreaks. These results can help inform infection control efforts. The research is presented… Read More »

2020 Democrat says only candidates who embrace socialized healthcare can win California

SAN FRANCISCO — Julián Castro doubts whether a Democratic presidential candidate who fails to support “Medicare for all” has a shot in California. “Probably not in this state,” Castro told reporters Sunday after he addressed the gathering in San Francisco. “Here in California, you heard at the convention today, that they are particularly looking for… Read More »

Perspectives on Working with Healthcare Systems for Digital Start Up Companies | Part 2

Brian Van Winkle Shahid Shah By SHAHID SHAH, MSc and BRIAN VAN WINKLE, MBA In this two-part series, we examine several common misconceptions made by health tech start-up companies in working with Health Systems and offers advice on how to recognize and address each. From approaching systems with a solution-first mentality to not understanding the… Read More »