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Engineer your diet for balanced cholesterol levels

Unhealthy diets cause cholesterol levels to peak hence it is important to consume certain nutritions to keep your cholesterol under control High cholesterol, which doesn’t show any symptoms, may cause heart diseases. Genetics, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy nutrition, stress and excess weight can be the most important causes of cholesterol problems. How can we reduce… Read More »

High cholesterol levels after Christmas

Large quantities of rich Christmas food appear to boost Danes’ cholesterol levels. Right after the Christmas break, levels are 20% higher than in the summer. So says a new study carried out by researchers from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Copenhagen University Hospital and the Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen. All that… Read More »

Vapers inhale MUCH lower levels of toxins than smokers, study finds 

Vapers inhale MUCH lower levels of toxins than smokers, study finds Compared to nonsmokers, vapers had more biomarkers of toxic chemicals in their urine  But they had lower levels than smokers of traditional cigarettes The number of people who were both vaping and smoking ‘was really surprising’  By Reuters Published: 23:19 GMT, 14 December 2018… Read More »