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Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

This post was in partnership with the New Chapter Inc. — we only partner with brands that are NS approved and all our opinions are authentic and remain our own. Is coffee part of your morning routine? Then try adding this non-dairy coffee creamer to the morning mix! This non-dairy coffee creamer can be made… Read More »

National Milk Day 2018: Almond Milk, Quinoa Milk+ 4 Other Healthy Non-Dairy Substitute of Milk for Lactose Intolerants and Vegans

National Milk Day 2018- Vegan milk alternatives. (Photo Credit: Unsplash- File Photo) 26th of November, every year is celebrated as the National Milk Day. Milk, a staple ‘complete food’ that we are blessed with in our lives in itself is a commodity to celebrate. However, it is also the story of behind the milk revolution… Read More »