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50 Everyday Habits That Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Learn to play an instrument franz12/Shutterstock Learning and playing an instrument forces you to sharpen many different cognitive processes, including attention, memory, motor skills, auditory skills, and visual skills. It’s no wonder studies have found that playing a musical instrument delays the onset of cognitive decline. When researchers from Emory University tested the cognitive health… Read More »

I Risk My Life To Work Out Every Day in Prison Because It Helps Me Fight Depression

Up the Hudson River, just north of the new Mario Cuomo Bridge, one of the oldest prisons in America litters a hillside with fences, swirls of concertina wire, and slabs of walls. It’s Sing Sing; it’s my home. Armed guards and octagonal watchtowers scan the black-topped exercise yard with claimed metal picnic tables—the white boys,… Read More »