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These doctors risked their careers to expose the dangers children face in immigrant family detention

Children’s fingers crushed by cell doors. A boy who’d lost nearly a third of his body weight in a matter of days. Incorrect vaccine doses and missed diagnoses. Each incident, the doctors say, was meticulously noted in reports they filed with the US Department of Homeland Security. Allen and McPherson — an internist and a… Read More »

Conserving These Endangered Prawns Is A Tasty Way To Protect People's Health

Restocking rivers in tropical and subtropical Africa with a large endangered freshwater prawn not only provides locals with a protein-rich food source, but it also breaks the deadly life cycle of schistosomiasis Fishing for the African river prawn, Macrobrachium vollenhovenii, in Senegal.(Credit: bioGraphic.) bioGraphic The African river prawn, Macrobrachium vollenhovenii, is a large commercially important… Read More »