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New vaccine for malaria developed at IME could be more effective

Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago have developed an innovative new system for delivering a malaria vaccine that shows promise in its effectiveness. By developing a vaccine that targets specific cells in the immune system, they have seen a much greater immune and antibody response to the vaccine. Though a vaccine for malaria… Read More »

Scientists achieve the first proof of concept for an HIV broadly-neutralising antibody vaccine in monkeys

The Scripps researchers’ study was designed as a proof of concept study rather than an efficacy or dose-finding study. Its aim was to show that protective levels of broadly neutralising antibodies could be achieved with a single HIV vaccine inoculation, and to find out what level of antibody response would confer protection against HIV. The… Read More »

Propaganda Machine of $4.3 Billion Influenza Vaccine Industry Is in Full Swing

Flu season is upon us again — the time of year when the steady message is “Have you gotten your flu shot yet?” Considering the many studies showing flu vaccines offer minimal protection against illness even when well-matched to circulating viral strains, the fact that vaccination continues to be touted as your first line of… Read More »