The Battery On This Phone Lasts So Long It’ll Change Your Life

By | October 11, 2018

Does an outdoor “fit-venture” sound like fun? Obviously. But worrying about your phone constantly dying? Not so much. Then there’s also packing all the gadgets and devices you’ll need for said adventure. Read: Cellphone, charger, GPS tracker, fitness tracker, music player – the list goes on. Mission. But before you head back to the couch, there’s a new device on the market that’s about to change all that…

Say Hi To Land Rover’s Explore Outdoor Phone

Yup, every adventurer’s dream just landed in SA. We’re talking long-lasting battery life and consolidating all gadgets into one device.

What we can’t get over is the huge 4000mAh battery: two days of typical use (!), or a full day of activities, with constant GPS navigation mapping activated on the 5” HD display. Even better? Battery life can be doubled by adding the Adventure Pack (this comes included) while on the go.

Once added, the Adventure Pack can replace the need for a separate GPS. It also adds an extra 3600mAh of battery power and off-road topographic mapping.

The customisable outdoor dashboard allows you to access the most important weather info, sensor data and on-device tools for your chosen activity – weather, wind, tides, compass, SOS light, etc.

But Wait, There’s More

Then there’s the 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, the 16MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, 4x digital zoom, and the protected touchscreen, which can be controlled with gloves on or with wet fingers (nice!), and night red filter mode, which reduces screen glare, preserving natural vision in low light and at night.

Plus: It’s super-durable. It’s drop tested to a whopping 1.8m! It can survive underwater – including in salt water – and can cope with extreme temps, thermal shock, humidity and vibration exposure. So no worries if you’re caught in a heavy downpour, or slip on a muddy trail.

And just in case the riders out there were feeling left out… The Bike Pack includes a bike mount and case for both stem and handlebar. Simply tilt to adjust viewing angle or change device orientation.

What Adventure Athletes Say…

“I’ve been looking for a device I can use in the outdoor environment that’s going to be able to deliver all the things I need it to do,” says Jamie Ramsay, a British endurance adventure athlete. “Battery life is the Holy Grail when you’re on an adventure. You want a phone that’s going to be able to outlast you and whatever you’re doing. The Explore brings not only a huge battery but also the Adventure Pack giving additional battery capacity. That’s revolutionary for me – not having to worry about always charging my phone.”

“Increasingly on adventures I’ve been finding that I have to bring more and more equipment: a camera, a phone, a GPS unit, a navigation device. What the Explore does is bring all of that together into one unit, meaning I just have one device I need to charge and carry with me.”

Never mind blowing the minds of the outdoor community, this game-changing gadget has won awards and praise for making adventure fun again. So check it out… The Land Rover Explore will be available through Vodacom,, or nearest Land Rover dealer.

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